Breakfast is served 
Saturday & Sunday Mornings 8:00am-11:30am

Three Eggs, potatoes, & Sourdough toast $10.00
Three Bacon, Three Eggs, potatoes, & Sourdough toast $13.00
Two Sausage Patties, Three Eggs, potatoes, & Sourdough toast $13.00
Chicken Apple Sausage, Three Eggs, potatoes, & Sourdough toast $13.95
Vanilla yogurt-topped with granola & fresh fruit $11.95
Seasonal Fruit Bowl. $8.95

Sourdough French Toast Three thick wedges $12.00
Cream Cheese & Orange Marmalade Filled Sourdough French toast $14.00
Cream Cheese & Strawberry Jam Filled Sourdough French toast $14.00
One & One - strawberry/ Marmalade Filled Sourdough French Toast $14.00
Pancakes three stack $12.00
Pumpkin Pancakes three Stack $14.00
Pancakes topped with Vanilla yogurt & Fruit $15.00
2-2-2 Pancakes, eggs, and bacon or sausage patties $16.00

Upgrade to Pumpkin Pancakes or French toast add $1
BLHT with potatoes
Bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato, Hal ‘O Penyo sauce, and herbed mayo. Served with potatoes $12.00
Adam Sandwich
Bacon, eggs over hard, cheddar cheese, and light herbed mayo. Served with potatoes. $12.00
The Mill’s Morning Burrito
Scrambled eggs, potatoes, cheese, & either ham, bacon, or chorizo. Served with salsa $12.50
The Plateau Potatoes
Chunks of potatoes seared in olive oil with mushrooms, & purple onion, then pressed with cheese to the bottom of the skillet to crisp them. Served with sour cream & scallions $14.00
Add artichoke quarters or chicken apple sausage or spicy pork sausage for $2.00 each.
Make it a complete breakfast by adding two eggs on top $2.00
Pizza crust with fresh pesto and cheese with two scrambled eggs $12.95
   Add fresh spinach $.55
   Add herbed potatoes $.55
   Add fresh mushrooms $.75
   Add spicy sausage $1.55
Cauliflower or gluten-free Add $2.00
All Scramblers are served with potatoes and sourdough toast
Sundried Tomato
Scrambled eggs with our house sundried tomato dressing and sundried tomatoes $16.00
Fresh Spinach, Mushrooms, & Herb Feta
Scrambled eggs with spinach, mushrooms, and herb feta $16.00
Smoked Salmon Lox
Scrambled eggs with scallion, purple onion, fresh tomato, and lox $16.00
Pesto & Herbed Feta
Scrambled eggs with fresh basil tossed with herbed feta $16.00
Hal ‘O Penyo
Scrambled eggs with Hal ‘O Penyo sauce, purple onion, fresh tomato, & scallions $16.00
All are served with potatoes and sourdough toast
Ham & Cheese
Chunks of ham and cheddar cheese $16.00
Roasted garlic, fresh tomato, basil, pine nuts, pesto, and parmesan $16.00
3 Cheese Complicated
Feta, provolone, & gorgonzola with sundried tomatoes and mushrooms $16.00
John’s Denver
Chunks of ham with green bell peppers and provolone $16.00
Ashley Marie Pesto
Basil pesto & provolone $16.00
Mushrooms, carrots, spinach, onions, artichoke, sundried tomatoes, & provolone $16.00
Champagne Mimosa $5.00
Orange Juice w/ Refills $4.00
Coffee $4.00
Hot Chocolate $3.50
Soda Fountain/Ice Tea $4.00
Passion Iced tea $4.00
Milk $3.50
Fresh Basil Pesto $1.95
Hal ‘O Penyo Sauce $1.25
Any ‘Ol Egg $1.25
Mill Potatoes $1.95
3 Bacon $3.95
2 Sausage Patties $3.95
Chicken Apple Sausage $3.45
Toast $1.50

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